Shane Deruise

Raleigh, NC Photography
Photographer: Shane Deruise

An image of my son and I, he just turned 3 months old… he is slowly grabbing things. I’m sure it won’t be long till he has his very own camera in hand.

So I have really been taking it slow, and not paying much attention to work the past couple of months because I have been spending much of the time with my wife and newborn son. I am comfortable on this site saying that I do feel my work has suffered… trying to find a balance between family and work, when you sell your self, is becoming more of an issue than I previously thought.

I have questioned even continuing on in this field because of the time and money it takes just to promote yourself. Questioning my lack of style or signature… I have always conceived, shot, and edited the photography for the client. I worry (here in my 12th year) that it was a mistake to shoot that way.

I suppose things will get better… and I hope so, I am tired of blaming this feeling on the economy, or the weather.