Raleigh, NC Commercial Photography
Photographer: Shane Deruise

As of late I have been so concerned with lighting. Strobe this, reflector that. With my move to more commercial and editorial style I realized, photo buyers and art directors don’t want dark images. But then, within all the equipment, you can get lost and overwhelmed with the fact that, it’s just light!

It’s crazy to think that up to 4 years ago I was shooting everything with available light and fluorescents. Getting dirty in photoshop and trying not to crush the blacks (hey that’s not racist, google it!)

So on this particular shoot with folk/bluegrass singer J. Alan Casey, I decided to keep it simple and raw, in the shade with available light. What more can you ask? A nice fill light hitting his face from some sunlight breaking through the trees… does anyone wait for the decisive moment anymore?

Shane Deruise Photography