Raleigh, NC Commercial Photography
Photographer: Shane Deruise

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Shane Deruise Photography

There are a handful of people that I have shot once or twice a year for the past 10 years. Some have grown from children to adults, and some like Robert have simply aged like a slowly fermenting brew. I took some time out of my schedule last night to stop by and shoot some images of him, as well as document his ongoing full-body tattoo he has been building for almost 9 years. Some of you may know Robert from bar-tripping around Raleigh’s downtown scene. But true friends know him as a great artist, one of the three founding fathers of “Drunken Russian-Artist’s Night” (Among many other ill fated photographer gatherings), and guitarist for the best genre-defining math-metal bands to come out of North Carolina, The Abernathy Complex.

Shane Deruise Photography

The Abernathy Complex was one of the first bands to give me a shot at photographing them. Even back in the day with no lighting equipment, and an overbearing college professor filling my head with photo do’s and don’ts. Needless to say, I am very thankful for that day, as I made some of the nicest friends I have ever had.

To Robert, Mario, Johnny, David, and John… I hope the world finds you well, with beer in hand good sirs.

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