shane deruise
Shane Deruise was born in North Carolina and grew up next to the sea. The eldest of 2 children, he displayed no interest in becoming a fisherman, and after high school he decided to travel the country, not with an amazing circus, but as a professional wrestler. He would go on to battle bloody matches under such monikers as “Shane Violence” and “Crumb the Bum.” During his wrestling career he would survive being thrown off of 4 buildings.

It was while residing in a notorious professional wrestling training center in the late 1990s that he first picked up a camera and started taking portraits of his friends. Following a particularly spectacular injury during a match that earned him national recognition as “King of the Ladder Match,” he returned to the southern states, went to college, and found himself starving. Face to face with the scowl of unemployment, he put together a portfolio and received his first assignment, photographer in the adult entertainment industry.

Shane loves to shoot bands, and portraits of people who have never been in magazines. He would also like to shoot celebrities as well as work with Non-profits because he loves helping people. He has had his work featured in several national exhibitions through the Texas Photographic Society as well as the North Carolina Photographers Annual Exhibition. He recently opened a studio in Raleigh, NC and his goals this year is to gain more national clients, shoot several celebrities, and take a second honeymoon to Savannah with his wife.

On the rare occasion he isn’t shooting, Shane enjoys cooking, and writing novels no one will ever read, he also wrote a short novel for his wife as a gift on her birthday, “The Penguin & The Coroner.”

He has also self-publishing several photography books, and thanks to his lust for food, is launching a new Youtube channel this summer based out of the Raleigh area, called Epic Beer Brothers, which will focus on amazing food an beer finds across the Triangle as well as unconventional, yet delicious recipes..

He loves friends, family, and drinking. He dreams of being a famous photographer and traveling the world with his wife and beautiful newborn son Bresson who is the self-proclaimed “King of the Number 2”.

He now looks forward to fishing being the ideal life.