Raleigh, NC Commercial Photography
Photographer: Shane Deruise

The story of my life… very behind in my work… another funny story however…

Back in June I was contacted by a company (whose face shall remain nameless) to shoot a portrait for a story that Entrepreneur Magazine was running. A man in a woman’s field… slippers!

Of course I jumped at the thought of shooting such an interesting fellow. A man that has made a fortune in footwear? How could I resist? So after contracts and paperwork were handled I shot down to Wilson, NC nailed the shoot and off went the proofs. Things were running smoothly and I am feeling pretty good with a good shooting day under my belt and an ice-cold PBR in my hand.

Once the proof was approved and the final invoice sent, I got a peculiar email asking for the rest of the images. “The rest of the images,” I thought to myself… so I looked over the contracts and in black and white there stood “Limited to 2 approved images.”

So in my nicest email voice, I respond that they were not allowed the rest of the images, however we could negotiate a price for their purchase. Well, now our great business relationship had spun into me being a lying photographer. But, being the pro that I am, I pushed for final payment, it was received, the final images were delivered and set to run in the September issue of Entrepreneur… or so I was told.

September came and went and no sign of the images. No replies from the “agent” and no call from the magazine. Well finally I called Entrepreneur to see if the article got cancelled.

THERE WAS NO ARTICLE! This “agent” had falsely presented the article opportunity to Mr. Snoozie himself so she would keep from losing her job. She had gone so far as to hire me as a photographer, and some poor writer no one had even heard from JUST to keep him on the lease, so to speak.

So sadly this may be the only place you see these images… I know, I know… I got paid so who cares?

It is just sad to see so many people take advantage of others. This business should be full of creatives trying to make this field a better place by integrity, honesty, and hard work. *sips PBR*

Shane Deruise Photography

Shane Deruise Photography